Should You Shower In The Morning Or Night? Science Weighs In

You may be thinking "Well why on earth would our brightest minds be working to get us to space or flying cars when they could be researching the best way to shower." 

And I am right there with you. Many an augment has been fought over the best way to shower. 

Is it at night so you wash off all the gook and grime you accumulate throughout the day OR is it in the morning to wake you up and motivate you on the day ahead? 


Well according to Harvard psychology lecturer Shelley Carson it actually depends on the time of year and how easily you can relax at night. 

She chatted with The Greatist the basics of it are, if it's allergy season or you have a difficult time going to sleep at night showering in the evening works best and if you are someone who drags in the morning and or has difficulty focusing AM showers are for you. 

Now there is WAY more to conversation so if you want to check it out you can find that here but basically science says there is no right or wrong! 

So there you have it... for your time please enjoy a picture of my shower curtain below.... 

P.s. yes that is a lumberjack punching a bear and yes I am an adult....sorta ;)  

Tracy Lynn

Tracy Lynn

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