#WORK: What to do about CLIQUEY COWORKERS when you get back to the office!

Going back to work?

Does your office have a real high school vibe going on?

Worried you are going to have to confront all of this when you get back to the office?

If your coworkers are cliquey, and you’re on the outside of it, you’re probably feeling either uncomfortable or ready to resign. But before you hand in your notice, here are some tips from WIRED’s Megan Greenwell that might help you fix the situation.

● Find Your Own Group. Instead of feeling down about the “cool kids” at work going to happy hour without you, concentrate on what you can control. Like making your own work besties. At the very least it will give you someone else to complain to when the work clique starts being toxic.

● Confront Them. You’re all adults so it’s hard to imagine the tight friend group that’s making you feel bad is doing it on purpose. Try asking the person you know the best what the deal is and ask them to stop whatever toxic behavior is getting you down. Or you could start inviting some of them to hang out with you and your friends. Eventually, you could all mesh into one supergroup.

● Manage Your Own Feelings. Other than asking politely for them to stop making inside jokes at work meetings, there’s not much you can do to break up a group of adult friends that are toxic. But you can ignore them. Greenwell recommends muting or unfollowing the cool kids at work on social media and giving yourself some peace from their non-sense.

Thanks to WIRED for this story...

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