@ThisTRICK: ICYMI, #Bridezilla's LIST OF DEMANDS & GIFT DEMANDS is loco!

Wedding registries can be helpful so you know what to get the couple, but one bride-to-be went a different route and listed the gifts she expects to receive in a Facebook post. Maybe demands is a better word for it because she isn’t asking so much as telling her future guests exactly what she will accept and the list is over-the-top. “To all those coming to my wedding, there is a list of gifts that you can bring,” she writes. “You MUST choose from the list or consult me first. There are no exceptions!”

This bridezilla’s very specific and very expensive present list includes:

●“Any KitchenAid appliance over $350, this does NOT mean kitchen items like an apron or a spatula. I’m talking about their stand mixer, blender etc.”

●“Any Gucci or Louis Vuitton purses. Other purses are allowed but please consult me first.”

●“Any clothes over $400 from Calvin Klein, Moschino or Nora’s”

●“New floor tiles for the entire house (I know this one is a bit of a stretch, but I’d gladly appreciate it)”

●“A new car or a new trim for my car, or anything in relation to the care”

●“$400 or more gift cards to any of the following places: Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Whole Foods, Sprouts, maybe even JCPenney. Other places are acceptable but please talk to me first.”

●“Any Korean or Asian beauty products totalling $400 or more.”

●“Any HIGH CLASS paintings or decorations totalling $400 or more”

●“A cash gift of $400 or more”

In case anyone couldn’t tell from her list, she specifically writes, “I am expecting everyone to spend AT LEAST $400 on wedding gifts.” She also includes a link to a spreadsheet so everyone can know what other people are giving. “Remember to apply early if you don’t want to get me a Gucci purse or anything you don’t want to get.”

HT: 7 News

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