Toxic: The Britney Spears Story

There is a new podcast out there that is diving deep into Britney's conservatorship.

It was started by Tess Barker and Barbara Gray, two Britney super fans. Their original podcast Britneysgram consisted of them discussing and analyzing all of Britney's Instagram posts over the last couple of years. She's been posting all kinds of weird things and acting odd so they discuss all of that. I've personally never listened to that podcast but my best friend/soulmate has he's another huge Britney fan like myself and he said it was really good so he recommends checking it out which means I also recommend it too. Their new podcast toxic the Britney Spears story starts off with Tess outside the courthouse the day Britney spoke publicly and they dive into the conservatorship and they play the anonymous phone call from that paralegal, which started the #FreeBritney movement. and on the next two episodes they start talking to people in her past, an old classmate and the guy that she was married to for all of 55 hours. You can listen to it on the iHeartRadio app. I highly recommend you do it's really good.

What is up with her changing the caption on her photo?? the first one was passive aggressive af calling out the lies she was told about the nail salons being closed during the pandemic so she couldn't go there. The original caption said “Like I said … my maids may have been able to get their nails done during COVID after salons opened but f**k … at least my maid outfit was the hottest.” before it was changed to the 3 high heel shoe emojis.

Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images

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