Britney Spears Conservatorship Timeline

Britney spears has been through so much in last 13 years of her since her conservatorship was put into place back in 2008. Conservatorships are for typically for those who cannot care for themselves and need help managing their finances or even daily life, so a guardian is appointed.

Here is a broad time line tracking Britney's life under the conservatorship.

In February of 2008, Britney is put under an emergency temporary conservatorship after two hospitalization. Her dad is named conservator of her person and he hired attorney Andrew wallet to be co-conservator with him over her estate. In July Britney's temporary conservatorship was extended through the end of of the year then in October 2008, 2 months before the conservatorship should've end, it is extended indefinitely.

In September of 2016 Britney publicly acknowledges the conservatorship for the first time during an interview, she makes a comment about feeling like a lot of decisions were being made for her. They can control every aspect of her life from her financial purchases all the way down to where she can go and who she can talk to.

The conservatorship goes on like this for years, until super fan Jordan Mitchell who operates the site breathe heavy started asking more questions about the conservatorship and Britney's rights. This unofficial started the Free Britney movement. It loses some steam over the years and in 2019 the movement is stronger than ever.

At the beginning of 2019 Britney makes a big announcement that she will not be performing her second Las Vegas residency, Britney: Domination. She says it's because her father was gravely ill and wanted to spend time with her family, which we later learn is false. Co-conservator Andrew wallet resigned his position in March. In April Britney checked herself into a mental health treatment center for some "me time" following her father's illness. Then the #FreeBritney movement officially kicks off when Tess Barker and Barbara Gray play a voicemail on their podcast Britney's gram from a paralegal who used to work with an attorney on the conservatorship. This is huge news, we find out that the domination residency was canceled because Britney refused to take her meds and Jamie said he wouldn't let her perform unless she took them so the show was canceled. He just said to blame it on his illness. And confirm that when Britney went to the mental health facility she did not willingly check in. At this point her mom, Lynn, has low-key backed the free Britney movement but liking several comments on social media in support of the popstar. Lynn is also filed a request to be included on matters pertaining to the conservatorship. I don't understand why she's not a conservator.

In the fall of 2019 Jamie Spears has a restraining order filed against him after an alleged physical altercation with his grandson, Britney's oldest, Sean. Then a couple weeks later, Jamie temporarily stepped down as Britney's primary conservator of her person and appointed Jodi Montgomery to take his place until the end of January 2020. However, he's still conservator of her estate.

Fast forward to the summer of 2020, Britney Spears is older brother Bryan, speaks out on her behalf saying that she's always wanted out of the conservatorship, confirming what the fans have suspected for quite some time. Her father Jamie eventually speaks out acknowledges the #FreeBritney movement and calls it a joke, and says that the conspiracy theorists don't know anything and that the conservatorship is no one's business but theirs. For me this is a red flag I'm wondering what he's hiding. Britney is always wanted the conservatorship to be open to the public but he doesn't. Britney also files a petition at this time to have Jodi Montgomery named her permanent sole conservator she makes it known to the courts she wants her father removed. At the end of August there's another court hearing and her conservatorship is extended until February of 2021. After that Britney's team files documents requesting a third party, Bessemer Trust Co., to be appointed to co-conservator of her estate. At the same time Jamie files a petition to have Andrew wallet back as co-conservator of Britney's estate, a position which he left over a year ago. In November Britney request to have her father removed as conservator is denied, but they do appoint Bessemer Trust as co-conservator. That was a huge win for Britney, or so we thought. According to court documents she is afraid of her father and won't perform again if Jamie's in charge of her career. At the end of 2020 her conservatorship is extended to September of 2021.

That brings us to the beginning of 2021. The New York times documentary framing Britney Spears is released and reignites the #FreeBritney movement. Jamie strongly objects to sharing his co-conservator role with Bessemer Trust but the judge overruled it thankfully. Then we hear from his lawyers about how Britney Spears can get out of this conservatorship whenever she wants all she has to do is ask and file the papers. She files asking Jody to be kept on as permanent conservator of her person and wants to retain the right to petition the end of the conservatorship as well. Britney wants to address the court directly so her attorney Sam Ingham asked the court to set a hearing on an "expedited basis." A few months after the documentary airs Britney speaks out about it saying that she didn't like the light it painted her in and it made her cry. But our queen B is strong she rallied and on June 23rd Britney attended a virtual court hearing and it's the first time she was allowed to address the court publicly. She wants to end her conservatorship she's tired of being controlled and she doesn't want any more mental evaluations either evaluations either. Things were very explosive after her testimony her father petitioned the court to investigate the awful claims that she made where she called out the conservatorship for being abusive. The judge denied Britney's request to have Jamie dropped as co-conservator following that Bessemer trust files to have the judge remove them as co-conservator because Britney, "claimed irreparable harm to her interests." A few days later her manager of 25 years resigns, saying he hasn't spoken to her in two and a half years and the last time they communicated she told him she wanted to take an indefinite work hiatus. And the following day her lawyer Samuel Ingham resigns, and requests they appoint her a "new court-appointed council"

We find out at the trial today if, former Federal prosecutor Matt Rosengart is going to be at the hearing asking the courts to allow Britney to pick her own council. If she is granted this Rosengart will be appointed as Britney's new lawyer, and says he's going to take an aggressive approach to ending her conservatorship. If she was able to work for years under it and her net worth went up by millions of dollars. 2 million of which has gone to Jamie's legal fees, so her own money she worked hard for is being used against her. In my opinion I don't think she needs to be under the conservatorship any longer.

Sending nothing but lots of love to our queen B today #freebritney!

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