How To Watch June's Solar Eclipse!

Cue Johnny Cash because this month's solar eclipse in a special one... It's called the "Ring of Fire." Don't forget to pick up your eclipse viewing glasses, sunglasses aren't sufficient protection, for Thursday, June 10th! If you want to catch this rare eclipse, you have to be up early. In our area it starts before sunrise, which is around 5:10am, so we should be able to see about half of it. The eclipse reached its peak at about 5:30 am and ends around 6:30am. I'm not normally a morning person, but I'll get up for this! It better not be cloudy out, or I'll be mad; I have the perfect view of the sun rise out my bedroom window. This video shows where the eclipse will be visible globally, but for a more specific time in your exact area you can input your zip code in here to find out!

Photo by SADIQ ASYRAF/AFP via Getty Images