Meet the Linda Lindas!

I like to keep you updated on new music and there is a new teen punk rock band from LA, has gone viral hit "Racist, Sexist, Boy." Keep an eye on these girls, they're going places. They rocked the books off the shelves in this LA library, with their hit inspired by true life. The group, the Linda Lindas, is composed of four girls who range in age form 10-16, damn do I wish I was this talented when I was their age. They're so talented this library performance scored them a record deal! That lead singer voice is insane, and she barely hit puberty, wait for that is get stronger! You can check that out below and just imagine as they grow as people and musicians they'll make even more waves with theirs music. For now this is this song that change their lives, "Raciest, Sexist, Boy."

Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images