Say 'Hello' to my Little Friends, My Crystals!

Hello, Happy Saturday! I hope you're ready to meet the other half of my, still growing, crystal collection.

Hmm, where to start, I guess I'll just go by chakra since that's how they're currently sorted.
Side note: I should probably do a separate blog about chakras.

First off, the stones for the root chakra; red jasper, increases courage, encourages honesty and is strongly grounding. Pink Aventurine is a very calming stone, help with understanding and useful for getting out of difficult situations. Botswana Agate is strongly comforting, protective, and supportive, help look for solutions, encourages artistic expression and is great for meditation. This one is definitely one of my faves, I mean, just look at it.

Next I have the sacral chakra you met a couple of those last time the tiger's eye and the Carnelian, that's also what this heart stone is. The last one of this chakra I have is Obsidian Snowflake which tempers anger and resentment, helps promote peace of mind, soothes loneliness, and also another great one for meditation. I also ordered a package of small Carnelian Stones as well because collectively they're good for cleansing other stones. Check back soon for another in-depth blog about how to cleanse your crystals.

The solar plexus chakra would be next, and for that one I have Citrine it boosts mental stimulation and improves decision-making learning and teaching, helps attract abundance and wealth and also get rid of emotional toxins. I have a Yellow Jasper, I love this one sometimes I leave it on my shelf in the studio. It stimulates the intellect and promotes clear thinking, attracts peace and releases stress, and inspires courage and confidence, also a strong grounding stone. I have a couple Yellow Quartz, and Peacock Ore. The Yellow Quartz, similar to regular chords it is an amplifier, and it brings positive energy to the beholder. And I just recently got this peacock or a few weeks ago at a store near my house I think LOL. I'm starting to forget where I've bought them now that I have so many. Peacock Ore helps you live in the moment and remove self-imposed obstacles, it encourages happiness joy and creative expression and even helps balance the left and right side of the brain.

Next would be the heart chakra stones, you met one of my Green Aventurine last time, but I have another that's heart-shaped, it brings good luck and positivity. I also have a couple Rose Quarts It's known as the unconditional and universal love stone. It encourages self forgiveness and self trust self-worthiness helps with self-healing and self-love. It also promotes forgiveness and creates a calm atmosphere dispelling negativity. My Malachite is also a newer to the collection, It helps attract prosperity and luck, it stimulates healing dreams and reveals subconscious yearning. It's also really great for travelers, I might leave this in my truck. Grossular Garnet has a deep connection with nature and Earth I usually leave this one with my seedlings to help with growth. It's also a strong abundance and prosperity crystal, It calms height and emotions and encourages you to take life as it comes. I can also help grow and strengthen business. Unakite is the last heart chakra stone I have. I love this one, it looks funky and cool. Excellent for healing the heart and mind, lift the spirits and soothes negativity, helps balance the emotional body and is even good at helping relationships including business ones.

The throat chakra is next, and you've met most of them already, they're part of the collection I keep in the studio that is good for courage and confidence and help with public speaking, hence why I keep them with me there. I have one of those heart-shaped ones, and I'm not 100% sure but according to Google lens this one is Meteorite, which is supposed to help clear the mind and let go while keeping your mind open to new possibilities. It provides emotional support and helps you find balance and aids with coping with changes. Also, it's supposed to enhance your focus, like my Iolite crystal, which is another throat chakra stone.

Now we have the third eye, I honestly have no clue what the heart shaped stone is, but I have a couple Amethyst one regular and one banded which just means that it's amethyst, but with lines in it. I have a Howlite, Chalcedony and a Yellow Moonstone. Amethyst is known as the all healer if you remember from the last blog, and It's excellent for meditation and spirituality, it helps stimulate creativity and even battle addiction. Chalcedony it's also a great spiritual aid, it's very nurturing helps provide stability and absorbs negativity. It even helps ease self-doubt and helps you be more open and enthusiastic. It's also just gorgeous. How late is a very calming Stone it helps relieve stress, It dissolves anger and rage, helps with mental awareness and sleep. Moonstone is another great one calming emotions and aids in dream work, helps increase intuition and empathy and can even aid in clairvoyance by enhancing psychic abilities.

Last but not least the crown chakra, which includes more Amethyst and Clear Quartz, which is a great amplifying stone for other crystals, it balances all planes helps with concentration and enhances memory.

And in addition to my, selenite bowl, I have this Selenite Wand.

Photo: Steph Dansereau