A Super Pink Moon and Moon Trees??

Guess what? It's that time of the month again. No not that time LOL it's time for a full moon! The one for April is known as the Pink moon, and it's also a supermoon, it's the 1st of two happening this year. A supermoon is just a moon that appears to be bigger than normal. Fun fact according to the Farmer's almanac the name Pink Moon "came from the herb Moss pink or wild ground phlox which is one of the earliest widespread flowers of spring." The Best way to see this is to stand somewhere with a clear view of the Eastern horizon around dusk, so you can watch it the giant orange like orb rise in the sky LOL

In case you didn't know full moons are great for charging your crystals such as, clear quartz, Rose quartz, lapis lazuli and of course moonstone. You know I'll be charging my crystals, and recharging my moon water LOL.

Speaking of the moon, I came across this really cool article, I guess one of the astronauts, Stuart Roosa, on NASA's Apollo 14 mission, fifty years ago, brought trees seeds with him to the Moon, about 500. They were doing an experiment to see how the seeds would react in the space environment. Then they were brought back to Earth and germinated by the Forest Service. They planted them all over the world, including the US. There was no specific tracking system set in place, but they have found some of those seeds have grown into trees and are known to growing in this place called the International Forest of Friendship, it's in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. I want to go on an adventure so bad to find these trees.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images