Dua Lipa in my Living Room? Yes, please!

Virtual concert with Dua Lipa. This is making me want to buy some of her merch to wear in the living room while I rock out this concert that I shouldn't even buy tickets to. Haha. But I miss concerts so much I want to go to the virtual one. She's a great performer, so I'm sure it will be great, plus all of her song are bops! I always want to get up dance when I hear her, I mean how could you not? Dua is so amazing! Her new album is definitely one of my top 10 favorite albums if 2020. (I'll be making a list of those at the end of the year, again.) Anyways, Future Nostalgia is a great album and I'm excited to see her perform and thankful tickets aren't too expensive only $14-$20. 🖤

Check out her latest song "Fever" with Angèle. Another bop!

Photo Credit: Getty