The Twitches Switch Up!

It’s that time of year, Fall! October is one of my favorite months I love the feeling in the air, the beautiful colors of course, Halloween! My favorite holiday and like I said until next Halloween, to get through whatever 2021 will bring us my bestie and I are celebrating Halloween as much as we can until next Halloween!

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a screening of "Hocus Pocus," of course, so I watched it with my bestie Andrew and his bf. We had so much fun his bf, Jared, hasn’t seen "Hocus Pocus" since he was a kid. We ate candy and I wore a witch’s hat, all very festive. After "Hocus Pocus" we didn’t want the fun to end, so we watched that DCOM "Twitches" with Tia and Tamera Mowry.

This is the fun part, toward the end and there the birthday party scene and apparently the twins switched places during this scene! Tia subbed in for Tamara because she had a scheduling conflict with a “Strong Medicine,” a Lifetime movie she was in. Tamara explains it all in this clip from The Real Daytime.

Photo Credit: Getty/ Katy Winn/Stringer