A Peloton Bike for Paris Hilton

Not sure if you remember me telling you about Demi, (No, not our Queen Lovato) she is the girl trading a bobby pin up until she gets a house. Demi was inspired by a man who did a similar trade up with a paper clip. I discovered her on TikTok when and have been keeping up with her journey on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/trademeproject/ She has made great progress when he first started trading up smaller items quickly. She got into trading a lot of tech stuff like Bose headphones, canon camera, a MacBook Pro and more, eventually trading an iPhone for an old caravan with problems. She had a little set back here and fixed up the car and traded the car for an expensive skateboard then back to a MacBook, and then to a food truck which she traded for a Mini Cooper.

This is when she had her biggest problem yet; she traded the Mini for a necklace that was appraised at about 19k, but turns out it was only worth a little over 2k. She then traded the necklace for Peloton bike. Her new goal is to get this bike to Paris Hilton. She didn’t say why Paris specifically but maybe trade #20 will be her lucky trade.

Just have to wait and see and while you’re waiting maybe you want to watch “This is Paris,” her new documentary that was amazing. Just saying, you should watch it if you haven’t and want to see a different side of Paris.


xoxo Steph

Photo Credit: Getty/ Jerritt Clark/Stringer

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