Halloween Year Round? Yes, Please.

Now, when I say year round it’s a bit of an exaggeration. We’re not gonna celebrate it every day but my bestie and I love this holiday so were gonna celebrate it as much as possible.

Now being home so much, I’ve been binging Netflix like crazy and decided it had been a while since I saw the “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” This is where I got the idea from. Kimmy makes Halloween puns with the other holidays, like 4th of BOO-ly. So, of course, I immediately texted Andrew and told him we should do this. He loved the idea, so it’s on!

We don’t to be over kill so were just gonna celebrate Halloween on the days we can make cute puns. We should be able to celebrate it a few extra times a year. It’s so fun getting dressed up and be silly. It will be regular holidays with a spooky twist! Hopefully this I will keep the next year interesting to help us get through whatever 2021 will throw at us. Wish I would have thought of this sooner but better late than never!

Our Future Halloween Holiday Pun or should I say Pundays

New Year’s Day = BOO Year’s Eve/Day

Martin Luther King Day = Martin Boother King Day

April Fools Day = April Ghouls Day

4th of July = Fourth of BOO-ly

Labor Day = Laboo Day

Haha theses are just some working titles and but it gives us 5 extra times to celebrate Halloween so I’ll take it. We just wanna have fun navigating our way through this crazy thing called life. Hope this made you laugh and feel free to play along with us! The more the merrier and I’ll be updating our shenanigans along the way!

For now though let’s look forward to having a fun on actual Halloween. I think we’re doing a park and recs costume theme, because it’s our favorite and it’s an amazing show!

Photo Credit: Getty/FREDERIC J. BROWN/Contributor