Your Friendly Neighborhood Race Track

When I first saw this video I thought I was going to go in a darker direction, give the state of world rn who could blame me. I thought the kids tires were gonna get popped or a fence was going to be put to the keep him out. Instead this one took me by surprise and gave me hope for the world. I love this so much.

Basically, this little boy would accompany his mom on walks but on his bike. He would ride in the driveway of this one house everytime. The owner saw Thai with his security camera so he got creative. He drew a track in drive way with chalk for the kid to enjoy; which he did, very much. He wasn't the only one. Check out the video below of how the one person provided the neighborhood with a a little extra fun. Like I say it's always the little things in life, and this is no exception.

Photo Credit: Getty/Hector Vivas/Stringer

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