Wish Your Selfie Game Was a Littler Stronger? Check this out!

I don't know about you but my selfie game could improve a little bit haha and if the mood is right and I'm feeling it I love a good photo shoot, especially if it ms and my bestie we got each other backs like that. Taking cute pictures for each other and getting those good angles and being all artistic. Well, turns out we have been trying a little hard to get the cute photos and we should have been worrying less about the angle and more about the pose. Thanks to Buzzfeed I found out about this cutie pie David who breaks it down simple for us how to get the perfect picture. Not that I'm saying every picture has to be perfect but sometimes you do want it to look like you have it together even if you don't. At least you can say "This is me trying" while blaring new Taylor Swift in the background. Or is that just me haha!

David give us the hacks on the simplest of poses to make sure out inner queen is shining through and i love it! He has so many different tip on his TikTok @davidshu. Like ya know how yo never know what to do with your hands? Well, thanks to David now we do! you can check out that video below. iI dont; about you but he got himself a new follower in me. If you liked these videos I suggest you follow him on TikTok or at least check out his page. I know his tips will help me up my selfie game.

Photo Credit: Getty/Cameron Spencer/Staff

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