Diving head first into Taylor's new Album!

As I write this were are only a couple of hours away from a new Taylor Swift album! Her 8th studio album, 'Folklore' is her follow up to her album 'Lover she released less than a year ago. Usually we have to wait until after her latest world tour to ends before we can even think of getting new music from her. However given the current state of things artists have a lot of time on their hands being sine their the staying home just the rest of us. It sucks not being able to to concerts but this does mean that our favorite musicians have a chance to work on new music!

Our girl Taylor has done just that. She has surprised us all but announcing this morning her new album would be dropping in 24 hours. What great new to wake up to this morning, am i right!? 'Folklore' will have 16 tracks on plus the PHYSICAL copies will include a bonus track called 'The Lakes.'

She would't be Taylor of she dint spoil us Swifites with some extra goodies! Since its he 8th album she is treating us to 8 different deluxe versions of the CD and vinyl copies with exclusive photos and artwork. You can also get a cassette copy as well, which I'm tempted to do for nostalgic purposes. Love her! Although, I think I will be getting my copy in vinyl, but they're only available for one week; so get your copy quick because I'm sure they'll go fast! You can get exclusively at taylorswift.com. The hardest part will be deciding which of the deluxe versions to choose from:

  1. In the trees
  2. In the Weeds
  3. Meet Me Behind the Mall
  4. Betty's Garden
  5. Stolen Lullabies
  6. Hide-and-Seek
  7. Running Like Water
  8. Clandestine Meetings

I'm debating of weather of not to go with 'Stolen Lullabies,' 'Hide-and-Seek,' or Clandestine Meetings' Honestly they all sound and look cool.

And if that wasn't enough she's going to be releasing the video for the song 'Cardigan,' the second track on the album and her first single from 'Folklore' She Said the video shoot was over seen by a medical examiner and everyone had on face masks and kept their distance because our girl Tay Tay knows what's up. Safety first!

She also has a 'Folklore' filter on Instagram that you should try out! It's a sepia tone that also has glitter, "because why wouldn't we combine those two things" she says. She is the cutest!

Photo credit: Getty/Malte Mueller

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