Gossip Girl Star, Ed Westwick, Brings His Character Back Via TikTok [VIDEO]

Ed Westwick, aka CHUCK BASS from the popular TV Show 'Gossip Girl' joined the Tik Tok app and is already starting a new challenge... Asking people to show they've watched 'Gossip Girl' without explicitly stating they watched the TV show.

Well he looks EXACTLY like his old character - even spoke like him too! In case you needed that little blast from the past, watch the video below (then join in on the #StitchEd challenge if you were a 'Gossip Girl' fan)!

BTW HBO Max is working on a 'Gossip Girl' reboot this year & I'm not sure how I feel about it. I really think we've gotta stop rebooting and get more creative with what we watch on the small screen!