Rhode Island Olympian Elizabeth Beisel to Swim to Block Island for Charity!

A Rhode Island Olympian is swimming for a great cause! North Kingstown's own Elizabeth Beisel will make the 12 mile swim from Point Judith to Block Island to raise money for cancer research in honor of her dad. Ted Beisel passed away July 1st at the age of 71 after being diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer on Christmas Day.

Not only will Beisel's effort help raise money to help people fighting cancer, it will also make history. If she completes the journey, the three-time Olympian will be the first woman to swim to Block Island from Point Judith.

The swim is set for Thursday, Sept. 9, and already she's raised thousands of dollars.

Beisel said, “When I take the ferry there and look out and say, ‘wow these waters are so rough!’ I’m like, imagine swimming there, and now I’m like, yeah, I’m going to swim there! But it will be an amazing experience.”

Find out more about her upcoming swim HERE and donate to the cause!

Budapest 2017 FINA World Championships - Day 17

Photo: Getty Images

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