Shaq and Melissa McCarthy Are New Celebrity Alexa Voices!

You know I've gotta admit that I don't want one of those smart devices in my home. I think I would just feel really weird talking to my house, telling it to turn on the lights and whatnot. I'm also convinced those things are spying on us, but maybe I'm just paranoid. I do know lots of people who have them and love them.

Well it would be pretty cool to be able to hear some of these famous voices every day. Amazon just added a couple of celebrity voices to Alexa including basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal and actress Melissa McCarthy. He says he wants to make your speakers bounce, and Melissa just hopes you like her dad jokes. Beware...they're pretty bad.

The celebrity voices will cost you five dollars a month, and to hear what they have to say just ask Alexa to "introduce me to Shaq" or say "Alexa introduce me to Melissa." They'll tell jokes, give the weather or tell a personal story for you. And if neither of those two famous voices interest you, how about Samuel L. Jackson?! Now that would be fun to hear what he has to say! I wonder how kid friendly he is on this platform.

Amazon After Hours - CES 2020

Photo: Getty Images

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