Netflix To Add Video Games To It's Library Soon!

This could be a very smart move by Netflix. A new report from Bloomberg claims the streaming service is looking to add video games to its library of content in the coming year. The report states the games will be available for people to play at no extra cost as part of the standard subscription price. Although they do say it could make it easier for Netflix “to justify price increases in coming years.” Oh know it'll be free at first but I bet that won't last.

The streamer also just hired Mike Verdu, he's a one time executive of Electronic Arts (EA), big video game company. Rumor is he'll lead the expansion into games. That move will definitely lure some new customers in, especially in the younger demo. What do you think? If you're not a Netflix subscriber right now, would this move make you sign up for the service?

Portrait of young, cheerful, attractive, very excited guy holding joystick and playing video games over yellow background

Photo: Getty Images

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