Drunk 19 Year Old Breaks Into Airbnb Rented By Cops!

Many of us have had embarrassing, drunken experiences, especially as an inexperienced youth, and there is a part of me that kinda feels bad for this kid.

An inebriated young man in Milwaukee broke into an Airbnb and decides to crash. This guy is totally out of his mind drunk, and didn't realize that three police officers had rented the house for a police training!

At about 2:30am the cops heard some crashing noises upstairs. They investigated, and turns out it was this 19 year old man who decided to sleep it off in the house. They said he woke up in handcuffs. They called even more cops to come down and take him to the station.

The officers feel for the kid. They said, “He made a mistake. It’s Ok. We’re gonna get over it, and at the end of the day, we can smile about it.” Although they still goofed on him, and posted a video on TikTok and Instagram. Check it out!

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Chris Ryan

Handcuffed man standing in courtroom