Rhode Island Goats Want to Eat Your Christmas Tree!

Hungry goats would love to eat your Christmas tree! Several local farms have put out requests for trees because they're a goat's favorite snack.

Deb Yablonski has 30 goats living at her Stonehenge Farm in Pascoag, Rhode Island. She said she received about 200 trees last year after the holidays, and her first tree this time around was dropped off the day after Christmas. If you're looking to recycle your real tree, make sure all of the ornaments and tinsel and wire hooks have been removed, then drop it off at 63 Moroney Road in Pascoag.

You would think the needles would be too rough for the animals to chew, but goats can eat them without a problem. In fact, those evergreens are a great source of Vitamin C for goats, and they love them.

Deb says, “It gives them something to do as well as being very good for them. They see the cars coming and they crash the edge of the fence waiting for their Christmas trees. This is the most wonderful time of the year for a goat.”

Photo Credit: Simon Werner 500px Prime / Getty Images