Woman Glues 7,700 Pennies to Her Bathroom Floor... Misses Out on Fortune?

A woman stuck over 7,000 pennies to her bathroom floor to give the room a makeover, but she might have glued down a rather expensive coin.

Jordan Darian shared the renovation project on her TikTok account @ladyjordania where she explains that 7,700 coins went into the new floor. Darian glued each penny down on to the wood effect tiles that were already down before sealing the creation with $300 worth of glue. In one of her videos of the DIY project, she said: "$77 that no one can ever spend again."

But, according to one of her followers - there may be a coin lurking in her collection worth a bit more. According to the Independent, in 1996 one of the 1943 copper-alloy pennies sold for $82,500.

She has since admitted: "Since posting the video to TikTok I learned I may have made a very big mistake by not checking the pennies prior to permanently adhering them to my floor. "I had no idea a penny could be so valuable and there are at least eight wheat pennies, upside down, so we are unable to check the year."