What's the Pettiest Reason You've Ever Rejected Someone? A List!

Here’s a list of the PETTIEST reasons people have rejected someone for.

Relationships can run into some major deal-breakers, like infidelity. But sometimes things end for the tiniest and most ridiculous reasons!

The question was asked of people online, What’s the pettiest reason you've rejected someone, and the highlights are Below. . .

1. She had the same name as my mom.

2. He held his knife like a pen.

3. She kept putting ellipses everywhere in texts.

4. She had a "Live Love Laugh" sign on her living room wall.

5. He didn't use pillowcases. He owned them but never actually put them on.

6. I didn't like all the spelling mistakes she was making.

7. He refused to eat any kind of vegetable . . . at the age of 25.

8. Every time I asked what she would like to do, it was an annoying "I don't knowwwwww."

9. I broke up with my 8th grade boyfriend right before Christmas so I wouldn't have to buy him a gift.

10. He dropped something and said "whoopsie!" 


Photo credit: Getty Images

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