Watch Who You Send Your "Before" Pictures To!!

A woman on TikTok is sharing the embarrassing story of when she sent her personal trainer a picture of her in her bra and undies.Gemma Hillposted a videoabout the faux pas that happened after an awkward misunderstanding. It all started innocently enough when her new trainer suggested she take a “before” photo to use to track her progress.

She did as directed, stripping down to her undergarments to pose for a pic. She recalls, “He said, ‘Don’t breathe in, no good angles, just be honest.” And that’s just what she did. But what he failed to tell Gemma? That the image was only for her benefit and that he didn’t need to see it. And when he received the NSFW photo, he was having dinner with his lady love, who began “quizzing” him about who was sending him pictures with no clothes on.

In her video, Gemma shares a screenshot of their conversation and thankfully, they straightened out the misunderstanding and were able to see the funny side. After she apologized, he kept things light with a crying with laughter emoji and clarified, “Lol no, I don’t ask clients to send me pictures in underwear.”