Did You Get a Peloton? Oh Boy...

Ok. Let's start here. Congratulations on your new bike! You should be proud of taking the steps to a healthier lifestyle. I mean exercise is amazing in so many ways!

But truth be told...we are annoying people. I mean REALLY annoying people. It starts when the order is confirmed. You see the post on social media talking about "yeah...my bike is on the way" or "look at the room I've set up for my Peloton"!

Then...the sharing of the rides you've taken, hitting a PR (personal record/personal best). Your favorite rides and instructors. You join the Facebook group. You support each other. Sometimes you support the people you were just making fun of 12 months ago!

How did this happen? Well, you're not the only one. Riding is believing.

Let's take a moment to laugh at ourselves, though. Because occasionally we can be tough to take!