Amazon Prime Day 2021 is Here!

Amazon Prime Day 2021 started at midnight pacific time, and goes through tomorrow at midnight pacific time. Prime Day, which is in it's 7th year, has now expanded to 48 hours of deals on all kinds of merchandise, but some of the best deals come on their own Amazon devices like the Kindle, Kindle Fire, Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot and more.

In fact Amazon says the 2021 Prime Day will the most deals ever, over two-million items will be discounted including electronics, fashion, cookware and much more. I'm still convinced that this is Amazon's clever way of unloading some merchandise they've had sitting around in warehouses for a while, but if we can get some good deals why not.

Definitely do some price comparisons though, because other retailers are answering back with their own sales right now. Target's Deal Days Sale started yesterday and runs through tomorrow. And Walmart is having their own sale today as well called Deals for Days.

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Photo: Getty Images

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