New Bracelets Tell Others if You're Comfortable With Post Pandemic Contact

Are you ready to hug people and shake hands again? Some are, some are definitely not. As we emerge from the pandemic there's a new accessory that can signify to others what level you are at personally so people can respect your boundaries.

The new different colored wristbands and stickers let the people around you know whether or not you want to get up close and personal, or if you want them to keep their distance.

It's easy enough to understand the meanings of the different colors. Think traffic lights. The red bracelet means “no contact” with “no exceptions.” Yellow means “elbow only.” That color is for folks who are still a little hesitant to make contact with others, so just go for the elbow bump. Anything goes for those wearing the green bracelet. It means hugs are welcome!

What color are you? Red, Yellow or Green? I'm a definitely a Green. Bring it on in!

Young man trying to kiss a young woman

Photo: Getty Images

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