Ohio Restaurant Creates Cicada Pizza!

I know there are a lot of cicadas invading certain parts of the country, but I don't understand why people suddenly feel the need to eat them. We've seen chocolate covered cicadas, cicada cookies and now cicadas on pizza!

A restaurant in Ohio named The Pizza Bandit posted video on social media of a special pizza they made called Spicy Thai Cicada Pie. It's got mango, cilantro, hoisin-sriracha sauce, green onions and lots of freshly hatched Brood X cicadas! They kinda look like raisins when they're cooked. Yuck!

Though not an official menu item, they held a special, private tasting with a panel of experts, and had them sample the pizza. Surprisingly many seemed to like it! I'd probably give it a try.

Check out the video! It's worth it just to see the worst ventriloquist act ever from their mascot Mr. Pizza!

Brood X Cicadas Emerge After 17 Years Underground

Photo: Getty Images

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