Ohio Giving 5 Chances to Win $1 Million for Getting Vaccinated!

Lots of people are a bit reluctant to get the Coronavirus vaccine, so some states are coming up with incentive. This by far is the best incentive I've heard of, and I think Rhode Island needs to do this too. Get your shot in Ohio, and they'll give you the chance to win a million dollars!

The state is giving five adult residents the opportunity to win one million dollars, just for doing what lots of us have done already for free, getting the Covid vaccine.

The governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine tweeted about the promotion. He said starting on May 26th they will randomly select a million dollar winner, and they'll continue to pick winners every Wednesday for the 5 weeks. To win you need to have at least your first dose of the vaccine. They say they'll pay for the promotion with some of the Coronavirus Relief Money from the federal government. Why not? I think that's a great idea! As long as those chances to win are also for those of us have already gotten the vaccine.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / sofirinaja

Asian man using adhesive bandage plaster on her arm showing thumb up gesture after injection vaccine.