Hunting Wabbits Just Got Tougher for Elmer Fudd!

Elmer Fudd won't have a gun in new Looney Tunes cartoons! The new episodes were just added to the streaming service HBO Max, but how do you hunt wabbits without a gun? Well now Elmer will chase Bugs around with a scythe instead. Yeah because that's not violent. So it's not okay to shoot a bunny, but you can chop off his head?

Executive producer Peter Browngardt said they decided to make the change because of gun violence in the U.S. However, anvils dropping on heads is still okay, and they'll be leaving in the more "cartoony violence" including exploding TNT and cannons blasting in faces. long before all those ACME products are removed from the show too?

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Ethan Miller / Staff

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