Your Vintage Polly Pocket Toys Might Be Worth Thousands Now

What '90s kid didn't love playing with Polly Pocket? Polly and her compact Pollyville were the it toy back in the day. With '90s nostalgia at an all time high these days, Polly Pocket may be the gift that keeps on giving. Well, if you still have yours, of course. Some vintage Polly Pockets are currently on sale for thousands of dollars.

For those of you who weren't all about Polly Pocket and her compact Pollyville home, the toy was created in 1989 by Chris Wiggs for his daughter Kate. According to Time, the idea was for the toy to mimic makeup packaging. The size of Polly Pocket — less than an inch in height — allowed kids to carry the dolls' entire world around with them when they left the house. Here's what the original Polly Pocket and Pollyville set looked like:

The original versions of Polly Pocket are once again gaining popularity. On eBay Australia, a vintage BlueBird Polly Pocket is currently on sale for $5,000 AUD, which is approximately $3,344 USD. Other versions of the toy, including a pink Polly Pocket Princess Polly Travel Clock from 1993, are also listed with a price tags in the thousands of dollars range. Some other Polly Pocket toys, such as Polly Pocket BlueBird Carnival Queen wrist locket and a 1996 Polly PocketBlueBird Wedding Day necklace, are selling for a few hundred dollars.

Most of the items listed for thousands of dollars are in their original packaging. This means that if you were obsessed with your own Polly Pocket when you were a kid, you might not be able to sell yours for such a high price. If you do have some items left in their original packaging, however, you might just make some money by listing them on eBay.

Photo: @pollypocket.reina

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