Game of Thrones: A Song of Vanilla Ice and Fire

Only 5 episodes left of Game of Thrones. Season 8 premiered last night on HBO, and I was a little surprised that the episode was under an hour long…54 minutes to be exact. We’ve been promised some extra long episodes in this short season. Word is next week’s show will be 58 minutes, week 3 is 82 minutes, episode four is 78 minutes. I’m gonna have to start taking Mondays off! There were lots of reunions on the show last night, and some major characters met for the first time ever, including Mother of Dragons and Sansa Stark. I don't think they're going to be BFFs. Jon Snow finally learns the truth about who he is, and it's probably gonna screw up his love life.

Kudos to the person that put together this little must have taken a lot of work!



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