Woman With Terminal Illness Marries Dog

Reading this story is like peeling back an onion. There are so many layers. So many feelings.

The short story is that Lilly Smartelli is dying from a terminal illness. She has a few good years left. She is not married but admits to a failed relationship or two (who can't relate to that?).

Lilly has decided that the only person she wants to be beholden to...actually walks on all 4's. Her rescue pup, Bernie. Serving as the "best man" will be her other dog, Spinner. Who I'm sure isn't jealous AT ALL....

Although I feel for this woman on so many levels...is marrying the dog necessary? Did Bernie give consent? But she's going to die and shouldn't she do whatever makes her happy? UGH!! So torn here.

Read the entire New York Times article here.

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