10 Celebs Whose Names We've Been Pronouncing Wrong

Chrissy Teigen recently revealed on Twitter that the entire world had been pronouncing her last name wrong. “Gave up a long time ago,” she wrote, “Last name is tie-gen not tee-gen.” She then posted a video of her mother confirming the correction pronunciation, which got us wondering just how many other celebrities’ names we’ve been pronouncing wrong this entire time. For example, did you know Rihanna’s name is actually pronounced rih-ANNA? Scroll on to check out a handful of celebrities whose names have long been butchered by the media and the general public, and find out how to properly pronounce them, too!

1. Chrissy Teigen

Last Name Pronounced: TIE-gen

2. Lindsay Lohan

Last Name Pronounced: LOW-en

3. Saoirse Ronan

First Name Pronounced: SEER-sha

4. Teresa Guidice

Last Name Pronounced: Joo-DEE-Chay

5. Amanda Seyfried

Last Name Pronunciation: SIGH-frid

6. Ralph Fiennes

Full Name Pronounced: RAYF Fine-z

7. Martin Scorsese

Last Name Pronounced: Scor-SEZ-ee

8. Steve Buscemi

Last Name Pronounced: BOO-semi

9. Isla Fisher

Pronounced: EYE-la 

10. Rihanna

Name Pronounced: Rih-ANNA

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